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Concert Grand Piano Movers

“Piano movers Austin TX know everything that is involved from packaging, disassembly, and lifting the instrument to avoid risking its overall integrity.”

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Concert Grand Piano Movers Austin Texas

​If you’re wondering how much a concert grand piano costs, it is a lot, with some even priced up to a million dollars. Often a fixture in grand halls, institutions, event centers and university, it is safe to say that concert grand pianos are also a grand investment. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want just about anybody handling and touching it. When it comes to moving and relocating such a delicate, expensive and massive instrument, you’re better off hiring us at Piano Movers Austin to get the job done.

We are the atx movers of choice for those instances when you need your concert grand pianos moved whether from one spot in your performance hall to another or when you need to relocate it to a different venue. Licensed and insured, we have years of experience handling and moving concert grand pianos so you can trust that we know how to care for your prized instrument so it will reach its destination in one piece.

Moving a concert grand piano is best left to a professional piano mover Austin who does not only have the necessary experience in moving various types of pianos but also those that have the necessary exposure in moving this specific piano configuration. Piano movers Austin TX will not just move the instrument, but will also make sure that it is duly secured, padded, protected or disassembled based on what is most ideal to ensure that the move will be as seamless as possible.

As one of the top-reviewed Austin piano movers, moving pianos is what we are best at and the long line of happy clients that we have served over the years is proof of that. Make piano moving Austin easy and hassle-free by calling us at Piano Movers Austin today.

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