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Medium Grand Piano Movers

“Piano movers Austin TX know everything that is involved from packaging, disassembly, and lifting the instrument to avoid risking its overall integrity.”

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Medium Grand Piano Movers Austin Texas

​Moving a piano is never an easy task. You’ll need more than just a pair of hands to make it budge. If you happen to own a medium grand piano at home and you need to relocate somewhere, you’ll seriously need the services of the piano moving experts at Piano Movers Austin.

Medium grand pianos are generally used in smaller concert venues but this doesn’t mean that they are any lighter. With an average weight of about half a ton, you’ll need some serious muscles from atx movers in order to safely pack and move it. Considering how much of a serious investment was involved in its purchase in the first place, you just cannot simply leave to chance the task of getting it moved. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are just moving it to a different room in the house or you are moving across cities. A piano mover Austin who has the experience and the necessary manpower are what you need in order to get the move right. Not just any random piano movers Austin TX will do too. You need those who have the years and most importantly, the reputation so you know they will not disappoint. 

Piano Movers Austin has been in the business for a long time and we have developed innovative piano packing and moving solutions to ensure that your medium grand piano is properly protected and secured on the journey. We always take into account the size and the weight of the instrument when figuring out the perfect plan to make the move as seamless as possible.  From our well-trained team to our technical know-how on dismantling, wrapping, fastening, turning, and moving a medium grand piano, you can trust that your well-loved instrument is in good hands. 

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