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Upright Piano Movers

“Piano movers Austin TX know everything that is involved from packaging, disassembly, and lifting the instrument to avoid risking its overall integrity.”

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Upright Piano Movers Austin Texas

​Moving a well-loved upright piano? You’d definitely not trust yourself to get the job done on your own. You’ve invested quite a huge sum to finally own one, the last thing you want is to just risk dropping it and damaging it by attempting to DIY the moving part. At times like these, you need the experience and the expertise of the professionals at Piano Movers Austin.

We are trained and experienced in the art of moving pianos. We know how important your upright piano is for you and we are committed at getting it moved and transported in one piece so we make sure that we always have the right tools and equipment to carry out the task. From our custom solutions including body boards, braces, piano boards, moving quilts and even wrapping materials, we will ever leave anything to chance where your piano is concerned.

While we have been atx movers for a long time and have experienced handling and moving all types of pianos over the years, we know that every instrument is different. This is why our upright piano moving service involves personalizing the moving plan to ensure that the state, size, weight, and overall shape of your instrument are taken into account.

As one of the best-reviewed piano movers Austin, we are committed to making the move easy, convenient, and stress-free for you. Our licensed and insured professionals all share the love and reverence to musical instruments and will see to it that you aren’t left grasping and gasping by yourself figuring out a safe way to move your prized instrument. Give us a call today and experience the convenience, ease, and reliability that only Piano Movers Austin can offer.

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